How I Met Your Mother: Sitcom or Mystery?




I don’t actually watch this show, but I have seen it a few times. I also promised a friend to reblog it for her. And she has analyzed this well. I almost want to watch the series now. Enjoy!

Jennifer Noricks

himym teds wedding Less than a week ago, “How I Met Your Mother” bid its followers farewell in a finale that has been widely criticized. Fans were disappointed. It made no sense , they argued. How did the characters end up there , when they spent nine seasons going in the opposite direction? The one-hour series finale, “Last Forever, Parts 1 and 2,” didn’t deliver the ending that many were hoping for. I admit now, I absolutely loved it. So, my friends, I present a defense of the finale.

(Let me hit “pause” here and warn you, SPOILERS are coming. [Shout out to Marshall and Lily])

Remember the discussion that Ted and Barney once had about buying a bar? (“Three Days of Snow”, season 4, episode 13)

Barney: We should buy a bar.

Ted: We should totally buy a bar!

Barney: And the name of our bar: Puzzles. People will be…

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