I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts! : Why Christians Should Celebrate Halloween

If you were raised in the church, you may struggle to be honest with these things. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Noricks


“Halloween,” I wrote on my Facebook page. “A preschool party, 1st grade party, school-wide party, and 2 trunk-or-treat events. Good grief! This is getting to be as expensive as Christmas!” Halloween is a growing industry in the U.S. According to one survey, Americans spent $3.29 billion* on Halloween in 2005; this year, it is projected that we will spend more than double that amount. My family definitely spent more money on Halloween this year than we have ever done in the past and I was beginning to resent it. I’ve always had this vaguely guilty feeling about participating in Halloween at all; spending more money just made me feel worse.

Why did I feel guilty about participating in Halloween? Because I grew up with a community of faith that offered “harvest parties” and “Halloween alternatives” around October 31st. There seemed to be this belief that Halloween honored the devil. Scriptures…

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