A New Beginning

And God said to Noah, “Come out of the Ark”.  ~ Genesis 8:15-16

Noah and his family had been in the Ark for over a year.  Yes, it only rained 40 days and 40 nights.  But from the time Noah stepped into the Ark until the day he came out of the Ark, it was one year.  One year living on a boat…with LOTS of animals…and family…and not being able to see land.

I wonder if he thought God had forgotten about him.  Did he wonder if they would die there floating on the sea?  Would the water ever subside?  Would they live the rest of their days stuck in the Ark?

Sometimes we wonder if God has forgotten about us.  We are floating through life in our own Ark.  And we wonder if the waters will every subside.

But just as God remembered Noah; He has also remembered you.  He sees you.  He knows the details of the situation.  And the day is coming when God will call to you, “Come out of the Ark”.

Do you hear Him now?  Hang in there a little longer.  The waters are already beginning to subside!


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