Go Team, Go!

The last few weeks we have focused on assembling some volunteer teams at PLCC.

Marketing/Web Stuff:  Mike Burba, Jeff, Noricks, Rod Smith

Lead Usher:  Jeff Roberts – please talk to Jeff if you are interested in helping

Guest Follow-up:  Janell Quick – see Janell if you are interested in this area

Worship crew:  Ron Kingsbury, Millie Grosz, Jennifer Noricks – any musically inclined persons are welcome 🙂

Community Events:  Jeff Roberts, Janell Quick – see them if you are interested in helping

Sound Tech:  Aaron Bailey, Ron Kingsbury, Michael Bastien – could still use more help

Children:  Alexa Azzopardi, Rob Bastien – more help needed in all age groups

Financial team:  Scott Grosz, Alison Smith

Areas still needing volunteers:  Greeting & Welcome Table, Set-up/Tear-down, platform decor, mass mailings, Livonia Observer announcement, Teacher Sponsorship Coordinator (see previous post), coffee prep for Sunday AMs, & more to come I am sure.

We have also acquired 50 padded chairs, 20+ folding chairs, 2 keyboards, and 1 projector.

Finally, we have connected with Redford Interfaith Relief.  It is a local organization that is run and funded by Redford/Livonia churches.  They offer food, clothing, and other resources to low-income families.  They also strive to connect clients to educational/medical resources in the community; and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Watch for updates of how we will be partnering with them.


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