New Sermon Series

We have our location for our worship gathering.  We will begin meeting at the Livonia YMCA on November 7th.  Our first community wide worship will be on Sunday, December 19th.  But we will have a few weeks to work out the details of our worship gatherings.  They will be full worship experiences.  We will pray, read scripture, hear the preaching of the word, and offer our tithes and other gifts to the Lord…and probably drink coffee.

As I have been praying for our team and our community, I believe the Lord wants us to spend some time in the book of Galatians.  Our November sermon series will be “What is the Gospel?”.  So for those of you helping to plan music, promo material, staging decor, and the like…keep this in mind.  We are asking the Holy Spirit to begin pouring out a fresh anointing on us and the community.

We also have an opportunity to meet our neighbors.  Sunday, October 3rd, there is a corn roast in the park next to the YMCA.  It runs from 1pm-3pm.  I hope you will consider joining us…And always feel free to bring a friend.


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