Random Stuff

It has been an exciting week for Plumb Line Community:

We have officially registered with the denomination as a New Start Church.  Our church ID number should be here soon!

We have narrowed the field to two places to gather:  Hawthorne Valley & YMCA.  Both facilities are within our budget, though one is a little cheaper than the other.

A wonderful surprise was in the mail when we received a substantial donation to Plumb Line!

I learned to Twitter 🙂

And I experienced my first Rotary Club meeting…I discovered that I am not as connected with the community and current events as I thought.  I had previously prided myself on staying in touch with society.  But my Rotary experience has enlightened me.  If I am out of touch with the community even though I try to be intentional, how much more is the average Christian out of touch with the “un-churched” person?

Think about it; talk to God about it.  Listen to what He has to say!


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