Locations, Locations!

We are closing in on having a place to gather for worship.  We will be taking a look at a few more places and discussing details.  We are also beginning to create a list of “Most Likely Items Needed”.

Please be praying about these things:

New Lap Top (3+G memory) (appx. $500)

Sound Equipment

Monthly Rent (appx. $1000)

New Carafes (3x)

New Coffee Pot (preferably Keurig)

Wireless Lapel Mics

Wireless Hand help Mics

NIV Bibles for congregation

NIV Bibles for New Believers

Portable Classroom Cubicles ($250)

Portable Crib (new or gently used)

Baby Swing (new or gently used)

More to come…

Hawthorne Valley Banquet Center – possible site

Livonia YMCA – possible site

5 Mile Rd. (west of Inkster) – possible location


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