Launch Team

We have been praying for our potential launch team for some time now.  God is slowly revealing who He would like to be a part of that team.  I am planning a Vision Casting Dinner for the near future.  It will lay out the vision in more detail and give us a chance to connect.

But there are also others who have more recently heard the news and who are praying and asking God what He wants them to do.  Please be in prayer for these who still need clear direction from God.  I am looking forward to breakfast/lunch/dinner/coffee with these precious people.

In the meantime, here are some who feel God’s prompting and will commit to partnering with Plumb Line Community Church.  Please pray for us to know God’s will, God’s direction, and to hear His voice.

Jerry & Amy Malik (Jade)
Mike & Kerri Burba (Meghan)
Ronnie & Tara Kingsbury
Rod & Alison Smith
Aaron Bailey
Scott & Millie Grosz
Marlene Archambeau
Rich & Tracie Bastien (Emily & Jackson)


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