Gone Public; Gone Viral

Well, we have officially gone public!  Sunday Pastor Blake made the announcement and we had a wonderful outpouring of support.  Pastor Blake had the congregation pray over us and it was almost “electric”, as one person told us.  We had more than 40 persons praying over us in the 9:15am worship, and more than that in the 11:00 hour.  We were overwhelmed by the questions and surprised by the ones who said they may be interested.

It is now the next phase of the planning.  Our launch team is beginning to emerge more and more.

We will begin our Bible study with that group on Friday, September 17th.

My last Sunday at Detroit First Church will be September 12th.  Pastor Blake will be commissioning us in both worship hours, and we would like all those who are part of our launch team to be present.  It will be a wonderful time of commissioning!

September 12th, I will also be preaching in the 6:00 pm service and we will have a time of fellowship afterwards.  Please pray for the Lord to give me a Word for this final sermon at DFC.

Priority Prayer Needs:

We need a worship leader/team
We need a place to meet on Sundays since we will quickly outgrow our house
We need unity among the launch team
Pray that I would be able to articulate the vision clearly


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