And then there were two

Well, we have been slowly asking people to join the journey.  It has been a slow process because it has not been officially announced at our local congregation.  But this Sunday, August 15th, it will become public knowledge.  And we are excited to announce that we now have two families who have decided to join us in this great adventure.

Some of you are still praying.  And some of you are unable to join us.  We love you and we pray God will bless you and use you for His glory right where you are now!

Today we also met with Darrel Harvey.  Darrel is a great preacher and a godly man.  He is also a church planter.  Rob and I were fortunate enough to spend a few hours listening to his journey, asking questions, and learning from someone else’s experience.  But most importantly, he was an encouragement to us…and we needed it.  Satan will do his best to discourage all of us from obeying God.  Today we were reminded that God desires to partner with us to do amazing things for His Kingdom.  We are excited about the next leg of the journey, and we are glad you are along for the ride in whatever way you can join us.


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